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Soffio E-Cigarette: About Us

If you’re looking for a premium vaping experience, then Soffio E-Cigarettes are the perfect product for you! These stylish, custom made containers come in beautiful colors, and provide an exceptionally smooth and delicious smoke with zero hassle!


Our refined Italian Aromas offer something for everyone, no matter your tastes. Want something fruity? Try strawberry watermelon! Like something cool and smooth? Mint Ice is perfect! We have dozens of other flavors like blue razz, tangerine ice, cotton candy, rainbow candy, double apple, melon ice, pineapple ice, strawberry banana, and gummy bear, just to name a few!


There’s something for the classic lovers as well. The Cuban tobacco Soffio E-Cigarette offers an exquisite flavor with every puff.


Look around, try things out, and get to know the wonderful Italian Aromas of Soffio E-Cigarettes!

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